Working with kids and adults, both individually or in groups, within orgnaized seminars, collaborating with culture and education orianted institution (ongoing collaboration with Udruga Praktikum, Centar za djecu i  mlade

Studying at the Institute for Waldorf Pedagogy, learning from her mother and other music pedagogues at Elly Bašić Music School in Zagreb has helped me to develop my own approach to working with children and young adults. Loving every project , every new day and way of introducing music to new generations.



''Improvisation, quest, creation, voice,freedom, more spontaneous life. All of those are conected and while singing we do our body,spirit and others around , very very good. Discovering your voice, muscle of the soul as they call it, and feeling the power of positive energy that comes with music is a voyage to be taken. Happy and honoured to take it with you'' Melita Lovričević

Radionice nude mogućnost da uronite u zvuk, kreativnost, zajednicu u kojoj kontinuirano učimo jedni od drugih. Da zajedno istražujemo slobodu u kojoj pjevamo, igramo se, stvaramo, i prepuštamo se mašti da nas vodi u glazbi, ali i životu.
Working with professional singers and musicians. Runing workshops on singing, improvization and jazz interpretation of voice as an instrument.