Group and individual sessions and lessions

Group and individual sessions and lessions

Working with professional singers and musicians.

Runing workshops on singing, improvization and jazz interpretation of voice as an instrument.

Having fun with hobbists.

Music in therapy.

Working through some obstacles of speach, voice, mind , body and soul .


Power of singing, of music and art, of sound and vibration, pozitive actions and frequencies, laughter, breathing....

For more check out my FB page Alkemija glasa or contact me directly to found out how I do what I do and how we create an individual approach just for you, or how you can join organized groups of likeminded openhearted people just like you...exploring, having fun and growing together.

Breathing, toning, connecting, engaging together allows each singer to let go of the usual conditioning & creates a space to consolidate our understanding of body,vibrations, placements within our own timing. 

With gentle guidance.


Currently I'm a student of Institute for Waldorf Education (Rudolf Steiner Institute in Croatia), from which I have explored Werbech method for uncovering the voice. This approach to singing was initiated by Mrs. Valborg Werbeck Svardstrom, a Swedish singer who developed this in cooperation with Rudolf Steiner. It is based on the belief that every human being has their own unique singing voice. Through uncovering or unveiling our voices, we can learn to connect more fully to that which wants to speak through our voices: to our deeper, inner ideals and impulses which we are looking for in our lives.

The process of uncovering the voice is guided by intensive listening. Teachers develop the art of listening to such an extent that they can hear the voice not only as it is, but as it could be, in development towards its ultimate form. Each student is carefully guided through an array of widely differentiated exercises through which her or she is taken away from a self-critical state of being, and learns to forget him/herself completely in singing.

I am also taking Berklee Music School Online courses in vocal technique, improvisation and other classes to deepen my knowledge of jazz technique both as a singer and as a teacher. 

Scat singing and improvisation ( singing without words) is a powerful and creative way that not only jazz vocalist can use to express themselves but for everyone interested in exploring their creative side, expressing through voice, melody, rhythm..and working on themselves. Scat, also called Scat Singing,is a vocal style using emotive, onomatopoeic, and nonsense syllables instead of words in solo improvisations on a melody. Scat has dim antecedents in the West African practise of assigning fixed syllables to percussion patterns, but the style was made popular by trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong from 1927 on.


KIDS WORKSHOPS are  based on playing, exploring songs, rhythms, improvising, and learning in the process, while working with adults the spiritual content is more emphasised and we do more creative and improvisational practises and exploring the power of human voice. Through our voice we communicate, experience all human emotions and movements. Singing teaches us to breathe and bring air into every part of our body, release any stress and open up. Some people experience fear of public speaking




- basics,

- vibrations and power of a circle, 

- physical and metaphysical properties of the voice, 

- storytelling and improvisation, 

- relax, relieve and revive. 




- relaxing and letting go exercises

- body and vocal warm up exercises

- rhythmical games

- vocal improvisation

- voice travelling through your body and movement

- emotion interpretation

- sound showering