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Život je neponovljiva priča koja zaslužuje da ju ispričate svojim punim glasom.


Individualne i grupne radionice pjevanja i improvizirane glazbe.


Kako se slobodnije izraziti? Kako se osjećati dobro i lakše povezati sa jednim od najintimnijim dijelovima sebe, svojim glasom? Kako ga zavoljeti, naučiti oblikovati i ponositi se njime?

To su neka od pitanja koja su dovela do koncepta Alkemija glasa; jazz vokalistice i autorice, glazbene pedagoginje i muzikoterapeutkinje Melite Lovričević.

Glazbene radionice sa elementima muzikoterapije.

Suradnja sa: Cedepe Zagreb, Udruga invalida rada Zagreb, RCT Zagreb, Sigurna kuća, Centar za autizam.

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Life is an unique story that deserves to be told  in your full voice.


A lot of people live and even leave without expressing the various gifts they carry within themselves, and it is the voice that brings them out into the world. Little in this world begins until someone gives a voice to their idea, whether it is uttered or written. Whatever beliefs you cultivate about yourself, about your identity, your voice, by connecting with it, you change your present and future. Singing has always been a source of joy, a bond between people, a company at work, a strong healing power and balance for man. Wherever you are in your life story, now is the time to set out to bring your gifts to the world.


How to express yourself more freely? How do you feel good and easier to connect with one of the most intimate parts of yourself, your voice? How to love it, learn to shape and be proud of it?


These are some of the questions that led to the concept of the Alchemy of the Voice; jazz vocalist and author, music pedagogue and music therapist Melita Lovričević.

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