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About Melita Lovričević


Music artist, singer, songwriter, composer, music educator, therapist and a jazz promoter from Zagreb, Croatia. Melita started her music story and education very early on, at the age of three, as a child of a music pedagogue playing flute and later on piano.
She graduated from music school ''Elly Basic'', playing flute at first and continuing with piano with Professor Minja Kolak. She continued her education through Internet seminars at Berklee Music School, as a music pedagogue through the study of Waldorf education based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and Valborg Werbeck Svardstrom, as well as Elly Bašić seminars, and through various workshops (Groznjan 2008., 2010., Rock Academy in Zagreb 2007-2010 ), with a number of inspirational mentors (Lela Kaplowitz Scat Circle, Mirela Brnetić, Deborah Carter workshops, Carol Cass, Lisa Popeil, Jazz lab Zagreb workshops, Sheila Jordan workshop…). She is also finishing her study at HUM (Hrvatska udruga muzikoterapeuta).
She performed  for 6 years with a professional choir KUD INA, led by maestro Bojan Pogrmilović. In 2014 she also attended workshops at the Montreux Jazz Festival (Jerry Leonid: The Roads to Jazz: Evolution from Blues to Jazz, Women and Men in Jazz by Susanne Abbuhel / University of Music Lausanne (Hemu) and Laura Mvula vocal workshop.
She also graduated at The Faculty of Management and Economics, Cultural management, in Zagreb and Barcelona, and finished secondary school for Rhythm and Dance '' Ana Maletic '', also in Zagreb.
In 2014 she entered and presented herself via platform for new jazz artists in Croatia, festival Jazz hr, young hopes ‘’Marjan Marjanović’’.
She explores her love for jazz and world music through performance and collaboration with numerous reputable and established jazz musicians such as Mario Igrec, Mladen Baraković, Julije Njikoš, Primož Grašić, Mario Mavrin, Ratko Divjak, Zlatko Dvoržak and many others as well as working with  renowned musicians from the younger generation.
She leads her own project More Love Ensemble, with 3 released albums: ''More Love to Tchaikovsky'',  ''Waking up'' and ''Crossing'' (all under Aquarius Records label). They have performed in Europe, Asia and Africa.                                                                                                          
Ongoing collaborations include (studio and live performances) with various Big Bands, professional orchestras, choirs, bands and foreign artists in jazz, swing, ethno and fusion genre. She is also a member of the only kletzmer ensemble in the region: Jewsers Kletzmer Band.
Next to jazz, electronic music is also in here repertoire, being a member of Transonic band (together with Willem Miličević and Stanislav Kovačić) and has recently released her first solo single ''Pusti me da sanjam''.
She founded ‘’Alkemija glasa’’ (Voice alchemy ), creating her own style and approach to singing, teaching and music therapy.
Beside Tomislav Pavleka, she`s a part of organization team and family creating and running Last Minute Open Jazz Festival, established in 2005 in Bale, Istria.

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